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Ms. Stacy

Is our lead infant teacher. Ms. Stacy enjoys bringing a variety of smells, textures, tastes and sounds to the infants. Ms. Stacy is working on her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and uses her knowledge of child development to promote an early learning environment.


Ms. Jasmine

Is an infant room teacher. Ms. Jasmine loves reading, singing with the children, and using the musical instruments for her sing-a-longs.


Ms. Kim

Ms. Kim is one of our infant room teachers and has worked in childcare with infants and tyke age children for over 10 years. She LOVES when she can make a baby smile and enjoys watching them grow into toddlers. She also likes to help children be creative and is eager to help with all art and sensory activities. When Ms. Kim is not working with children, she is enjoying her new Alaskan Beagle Mix puppy! 


Ms. Erin

Is one of our infant room teachers and absolutely LOVES reading stories and creating structures in the block area for infants to knock over! Ms. Erin also knows how important early literacy is and how talking with children about EVERYTHING can help expand their vocabulary.