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Mission & Philosophy

Covenant Children’s Center is committed to helping each child with the readiness skills they will need for their future education and in life. We believe that when children become adults they will need to do many things effectively. For example: 

An appropriate philosophy of early childhood education is necessary to achieve these goals. As the teacher is the educator and decision-maker in the child’s learning environment, each teacher must:

Who Can Apply

The Covenant HealthCare Children's Center was initially set up to meet the needs of Covenant Healthcare staff. In providing programs for infants, toddlers and preschool-age children, the Children’s Center reflects the hospital's commitment to its employees and to the values of family life. Today’s ever-changing work force of dual careers and single parent families faces special challenges. The administration continues to acknowledge the emotional impact of these challenges and views the Center as a positive, supportive form of assistance to it’s employees.

Today, the Center is available to all Saginaw-area families, providing child care to residents of Saginaw, Zilwaukee, Carrollton Township, Bridgeport Charter Township, and surrounding areas.

Visitors and new families are welcome to call the Center to schedule a tour and a new family orientation. We will tour the Center, provide time for questions, meet the lead teacher in the classroom, fill out a waiting list form (if applicable) and explain our admission forms and procedures. 


Please advise:some of our policies have changed or have been updated since the publication of our handbook. Please contact the center for an updated on policies.

Covenant Children's Center is committed to maintaining a healthy environment for the children, families and our staff. In order to do this the center reserves the right to deny or withdrawal enrollment to any child not up to date on immunizations.

At this time we do not accept any DHS payments. 


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The Covenant HealthCare Children’s Center has five programs. Our Infant Program accepts children as young as two weeks of age. The Tyke Program is from 14 to 24 months. The Toddler Program covers our kids from 24 months to 3 years of age. At age 3, they graduate to our Preschool Program, which prepares children for Preschool. The final Pre-kindergarten Program starts at age 4 and helps prepare our children for Kindergarten. Each program is designed with your child's growing abilities and needs. learn more