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Nutrition & Food Service

Healthy nutritional habits formed during a child’s early years will promote healthy growth and development throughout the child’s life. Meal times at the school will be relaxed and caregivers will sit with the children and promote good eating habits as well as participate in conversations with the children. Mealtime is served family style and is viewed as a learning experience and children will be encouraged to try new foods. If a child is asleep during one of our meal times, they will be offered food after they wake up.

We offer 2 meals and 2 snacks a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and late snack. We follow the USDA food and nutrition services child and adult care food program. Infants 12 months and younger eat and drink on demand. Formula and breast milk are provided and prepared by the parents.

All of our meals and snacks at the center are prepared on-site using nutritious ingredients (no added or low amounts of sugar). Nothing is fried, comes from a can, or pre-made. all of our fruits and vegetables are fresh or frozen. During the summer months we partner with local farmers to receive farm fresh fruit and veggies.  Our cook, Ms. Kara, is also ServSafe certified. Please check out a sample menu below.

Sample Menu. click here

Age-Appropriate Education

As your child grows, their educational needs increase. In our Infant and Tyke programs, we help to create a safe environment to allow children to exercise their natural curiosities, develop motor skills, and get along within a group. In our Toddler program, we learn through play, developing a positive self-image and inspiring the desire to share. In our 3 year old preschool Program, we develop language and vocabulary building through role play, music, and story-telling, and develop a child's self-awareness and self-confidence through creative movement, art, and group activities. Finally, our Pre-Kindergarten Program has a specific curriculum focused on literacy growth, mathematics, and fine motor skills, giving our children a solid foundation for Kindergarten and beyond.

Diapering & Toilet Training

Diapers are changed every two hours, unless a child needs to be changed again within that two hour period. Parents are responsible for bringing their own diapers and wipes. Please let the teachers know if you have special diapering instructions for your child.

When children are toileting training, please bring in extra clothing items such as underwear, socks and pants. Staff members will take children to the bathroom every two hours or sooner to reinforce toilet training. A combined effort of training at school and at home should help the child establish their routine and toilet training should happen relatively quickly.

Outdoor Play

The outdoor play area is considered an extension of the classroom learning environment. Children will have choices when they are outside as to what activity they would like to participate in. All children are expected to participate in year-round outdoor activities. Children go outside in the morning and afternoon, weather permitting.

Discipline & Teachable Moments

We believe that there are no “bad” children; there are only children who are learning and will sometimes make bad choices. We use moments when bad choices are made as teachable moments. Our goal is to help children develop self-discipline – the ability to discipline themselves. Staff members explain the Center rules and responsibilities to all of the children and the staff also models appropriate behavior. Staff members will notice when children are making the right choice and point that out to them by thanking the child for making the right choice. At no time will the staff use any form of corporal punishment as defined by the state licensing rules. Each child is treated with loving care and respect in order to guide and teach them what acceptable behavior is.

Rest Time

We will provide a cot or mat for any child who is enrolled for five or more hours per day to give the child an opportunity to rest. Children are encouraged to bring a blanket from home for rest time. Mats will be clean and sanitized daily. 

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We are committed to open communication about your child. In our Infant, Tyke and Toddler programs, parents will be provided with a daily sheet when they arrive to pick up their child. This will tell the parent what their child ate and drank, how long they napped, bowel movements and urination and any developmental milestones or special activities that occurred during the day. In our Nursery and Preschool programs, our staff is always happy to communicate with you about your child's unique developmental needs. Contact us today to find out more! Learn More