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Infant Program

Our Infant, Tyke and Toddler classrooms now use Brightwheel to communicate with families daily! Brightwheel is an app for your phone where we can record all of your child's diaper changes, bottles/food, and other daily activities. You can see exactly what your child is doing at anytime of the day! 

2 Weeks - 14 Months - The Covenant HealthCare Children’s Center accepts infants at two weeks of age. We provide a safe, clean environment to ensure that all objects and surfaces allow infants to exercise their natural curiosity. Infants receive individual attention from caring and responsible teachers. The attention and affection of our skilled staff help contribute to an infants’ sense of well-being.

Naps, feeding and play times follow the child’s schedule. The teachers will provide a chart of the child’s daily activities and will work with each parent regarding their infant’s special needs. Parents will be asked to provide formula/breast milk and other needed accessories on a daily basis.

Meet our infant room teachers. Click here

Tyke Program

14 Months - 24 Months - This unique transitional program provides an environment rich in opportunities and encourages children to develop their gross motor skills as well as learning to get along within a group. Children begin to get used to a schedule with activities, meals and naps occurring at the same time daily. This consistency promotes a feeling of control and security in a child. Children progress to the toddler program when they are developmentally ready.

Meet our Tyke room teachers. Click here

Toddler Program

24 Months - 3 Years - This program is designed to respond to the individual, developmental and cultural differences among children. We provide a well planned and varied physical environment to promote a positive self-image, inspire sharing and learning through play and consistent daily routines.

Toilet training is encouraged and supported by the teachers. The staff will cooperate with parents by maintaining a schedule familiar to each individual child during the training process.

Meet our Toddler room teachers. Click here

Preschool Program

3 Years - This program provides an environment filled with opportunities for children to learn about themselves and the world around them. Language development and vocabulary building is enhanced through role play, music, story telling and enrichment activities. Self-awareness and confidence in ones self is developed in the experiences of large muscle activities, creative movement, art and group interactions. This program prepares your child for preschool.

Meet our Preschool teachers. Click here

Pre-kindergarten Program

4 Years - 5 Years - The pre-kindergarten program is based upon the belief that children are curious, competent, strong and capable in their living and learning and that they must play an active role in their learning process. Activities and projects emerge from the children’s discussions, investigations and ideas.

During activities and projects, all aspects of the child’s developmental growth are incorporated such as:

There are times throughout the day set aside for small and large group interactions as well as outdoor time. Positive self-esteem, social interaction, self-expression and communications skills are incorporated in all experiences.

Meet our Pre-K teachers. Click Here

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Our Center provides a variety of services to children across multiple program levels, including nutrition and meals, age-appropriate education, diapering and toilet training, outdoor play, discipline (teachable moments), monitored rest time, and more. learn more